OOTD #1 – Summer in Denmark

You might not be able to exactly duplicate this look, but you can use it as inspiration (to create something similar).

Welcome to my very first ‘outfit of the day’. The photos are taken during my vacation in Denmark (which was uh-mah-zing!). The temperature would get up to high in the twenties, which is really high for scandinavia and a perfect holiday temperature. I love to dress for warm weather because the outfits are usually lighter, colorful and comfortable. This outfit is casual yet practical for warm(er) weather.


What I’m wearing and where it’s from:

Studded blouse: H&M 

Basic black tank top: H&M

White shorts: GinaTricot (Denmark), bought in the sale

White flip-flops: Scholl, bought a year ago

Earrings: bought at a local Danish market 

Nailpolish on my toes: OPI – Thanks a Windmillion

Lipstick: MAC – Crosswires 

Bag: TheNewYorker (it is a Longchamp look-a-like)


Wearing white shorts can be risky when you’re quite pale, but since my legs started to look a little tanned I took the risk. And I actually think that makes my legs look even more tanned. Wearing all light colors might give a washed out impression, therefore I’m pairing basic shorts and flip-flops with an edgy, darker colored top to balance out the outfit.


The top is in one of my favorite colors; hunter green. I’m usually not a big fan of studs but I absolutely love them on this blouse because it adds some lovely detailing. Hunter green is a great color, it’s suitable for a lot of skin types and different seasons.


This Longchamp look-a-like bag has been a great addition to my wardrobe. The colors are so neutral that it goes with almost every outfit.



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