My Own Recipe Book

I’ve been contemplating making my own recipe book for a couple of years now (why? because I love trying out new recipes!). One time I even bought a (cheap) binder and thought that would be a great place to store recipes. It wasn’t. Both the quality and the look didn’t do it for me and thus began the search for the perfect recipe book.

I wanted my recipe book to be a solid color, no prints on the cover or inside, either a binder or at least a book that you could lay open without the pages standing up. Preferably with a hardcover and a ribbon inside to mark the pages. I wasn’t sure if I wanted a lined inside or not so I let faith decide. Yes, I know, so many requirements!

And here it is, my first personal recipe book. It’s in a warm green color, has a hardcover, a ribbon inside and is everything I wanted. It might be simple, but I hope that simplicity will last me a long time.

recipe book green

Since the inside is completely empty (I checked, every page is plain white) I can organize my recipes however I like. In my moms kitchen we sometimes use a beat up, small notebook that belonged to my grandma. She’d handwritten all her recipes in this notebook and organized them by numbering every page and using the first pages to explain what recipe you can find on which page. I like how that works!

inside recipe book

So, if you’re like her, structured and organized, you might like this idea. To create an index you’ll need to number every page and keep an index/list on the first or last pages of the book. If you’re not into using an index you can either put all the recipes in at random or use tabs to divide different recipes. For example you can organize them by cooking and baking, or by season, or by alphabet…

inside recipe book with ribbon

To make the recipe book more fun and diverse I am both writing down recipes as well as pasting down recipes I find in magazines. And maybe someday I will take pictures of the things I bake and cook and put them with the recipes. Another fun idea is to add feedback from family or friends about the recipe you’ve cooked!   Off course I won’t put every recipe I find in this book, because it’s not that big. I’ve made myself a promise to only use recipes that I’ve tried out and liked, that way I keep it fun and practical!


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