OOTD #2 – Cropped Tops

You might not be able to exactly duplicate this look, but you can use it as inspiration (to create something similar).

Cropped tops, or crop tops for short, are a strong contender for my favorite trend this summer. They’re cute, great for hot weather and they’re a perfect excuse to wear some high waisted shorts. That might sound like there’s no story here, but there is. I pride myself in wearing clothes that are modest, appropriate for the occasion and yet stylish. Crop tops aren’t the most modest clothing item ever, thus they’re harder to style.



What I’m wearing and where it’s from: 

Green shorts: H&M (couple years back)

Black tank top: H&M 

Cropped elephant blouse: New Look

Basic black flip flops: Hema 

Earrings: SIX


To me the trick is to wear something under the cropped blouse or t-shirt when you’re going out, or when you’re uncomfortable showing a lot of skin. Bandeau’s are a great start, but in this case a black tank top did the trick. The moral of the story is: ‘don’t think that because they’re crop tops you have to wear them on their own’. Layers are the way to go in this case!



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