Bath and Bodyworks Candles

I’ve been watching almost every American YouTuber rave about them. I’m talking about the Bath and Bodyworks candles. Some say they’re the best ones out there! I’ve even looked into shipping them to Europe, but sadly the prices were incredibly high (or they were just not available). So I did the only thing there was left to do: fantasize about the scents, the colors and their adorable packaging. Dream about burning them in my room… Where would I put them? Which ones would I choose? Are they as good as everyone is claiming?


Well… And then came the time when my lovely brother and his girlfriend brought home three amazing packages from Floride, USA. Three Bath and Bodyworks candles! I am over the moon excited about this (I know, I’m addicted to candles!).

Bath and Bodyworks Candles

The candles I received are Watermelon Lemonade, Pineapple Mango and Tiki BeachThey’re all very different but all of them smell amazing. I love how realistic they smell, not chemical at all. They’re so delicious smelling that I’m tempted to take a bite (I won’t, don’t worry!). Watermelon Lemonade smells like summer, refreshing drinks and is the most sweet of them all. Pineapple Mango is very true to its name, it smells like fruit with a hint of vanilla. And last of all, Tiki Beach, this one smells like the sun shining down on the earth, with a little bit of coconut and vanilla. They’re just lovely.

I have not burned them yet, but I can already smell the scents when I walk into my room. They’re incredibly strong smelling, yet not overpowering or too much.

Bath and Bodyworks Candles

So, if you (like me) have ever wondered about the rumors surrounding these candles, then here you go. If I ever have the chance to increase my collection I definitely will! So thanks to my brother and sister-in-law for making my day!


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