What’s in my Schoolbag?

There are just a couple of days are left off this amazing summer and this week I’ll start my ‘Introduction week’ of my last year in college. I honestly can’t believe I’m already starting my last year! With school starting in a week I’m preparing myself to get back in the swing of things. I went ‘back to school shopping’ for some school supplies, I ordered my books, read my schedule and prepared myself for the first days.


Since this is going to be my last year I thought I’d share some of my knowledge and personal advice with you, starting with my backpack. I use my backpack until it either starts to fall apart or isn’t really what I need/like anymore. I’m currently using a Brandy Melville (I’ve been to Brandy Melville once and bought this backpack because it looked so awesome) backpack with brown and grey colors because it matches a lot of outfits, looks great and fits all my stuff.


What I carry around and where it’s from:

  1. Planner (Moleskin)
  2. Black notebook (Hema)
  3. Folder (Local Bookstore)
  4. Pencil Case (Hema)
  5. Lunchbox
  6. Water Bottle (Dopper)
  7. Wallet (Hema)
  8. Public Transportation Card
  9. Keys
  10. Tissues (Albert Heijn or C1000)
  11. Lip balm (Kiehl’s)
  12. Make-up bag with toiletries (H&M)
  13. USB stick (Hema)
  14. Earphones (Apple)
  15. Peppermint (King)


As you can see I keep most of my items a neutral black color. I’ve had my pencil case for two years now and it’s still going strong, therefore it’s easier and cheaper to keep using it and buy matching items each year. One of them being my Moleskin planner that I absolutely love. I love how much (writing) room each day has and the kind of paper inside (it’s easier to write on than glossy paper).


This year I bought a black notebook with an elastic band and a hard (plastic) cover because I’ve learned that normal notebooks tend to fall apart in your backpack. In my notebook I write down notes, to do’s and other random things I want to write down. I have a folder, that matches my laptop case, where I store handouts and drawing paper. It’s also great to use when I carry around some paper I have to hand in.


Some of my essentials are a pack of tissues, some hand sanitizer (or wet wipes), lip balm and toiletries that I keep inside a small make-up bag. It’s easier to keep these products in there because they won’t get lost inside your bag and you can carry the pouch to the bathroom if you need to. I don’t chew gum, but I love peppermints or mints, especially after lunch.


My lunchbox has been with my since my first year of high school (I’ve talked to it about retirement but it said no) and inside I keep some sandwiches and a snack. Sadly I couldn’t find it today so I used another lunchbox instead, but just picture it being a wonderful orange lunchbox! My water bottle is a recent addition (from last semester, last year) and I absolutely love it. I bought it to replace the plastic water bottles I kept buying. This one is really easy to clean (it can even go in the dishwasher) and you can keep refilling it. I was told that plastic water bottles aren’t made for reusing, and when you do it’s actually not healthy for you. Whether it’s true or not, I don’t really care, because I really enjoy using my water bottle!


The only things left are my keys (they’re kind of self explanatory), my USB stick, earphones, wallet and my laptop. I keep this really small wallet in my school bag instead of a bigger one because it saves space and it’s easier to carry to the cafeteria when I need to. Besides the occasional schoolbook, project or umbrella, that’s pretty much it!



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