OOTD #4 – Back to School

It’s that time of the year again, yes, I’m talking about going back to school. Soon the weather will change, the leaves will fall down and it’ll be time to burn my new Bath and Bodyworks candles. But first, back to school! It’s september, which means that usually the weather has already changed quite a bit, but this year it’s still warm outside. I’ve created an outfit that is great for warmer weather, going back to school and a transition into fall (colors).



What I’m wearing and where it’s from:

Shoes: Brown Converse
Dress: H&M 
Earrings: SIX
Necklace: –
Bag: Pieces
Lipstick: MAC See Sheer
Glasses: Ray Ban


I’ve already told you that one of my favorite colors to wear is this hunter green color. Beside the fact that it’s one of my favorite colors I also think it’s a great color to transition into fall (or autumn). Since most people have a tan and are looking healthy and great from the summer sun this color will go especially great with tanned skin. However I’m sure it’ll look great with any skin color!


I’ve added brown converse, wooden earrings, brown bag and a stone necklace to create a warm, friendly and natural look. Earth tones like brown and green are a great way to dress for fall and late summer.


I could’ve put on some brown wedges or a pair of flip flops, but since this outfit is meant for back to school I went the comfortable road and slipped into some converse. I really love how this outfit looks and I think it’ll be a great outfit to wear at school. If this outfit doesn’t suit the weather you could add some black tights or a jacket with it to make it more fall appropriate!



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