DIY: Lemon Hand Scrub

From time to time I splurge on something. It might be a more expensive piece of clothing, a book, a gadget or a luxury item. Beauty luxury items are everywhere around us, sadly most of us can’t afford to buy them on a regular basis. That’s why I was so excited to find this ‘recipe’ for an awesome looking (and smelling) hand scrub that you can make yourself. This hand scrub, or the recipe for it, is all over the internet. So it’s not something new, but it was for me and it might be for you!

The benefit of making beauty products yourself are many. It’s a fun activity, it’s rewarding, it saves money (in most cases) and it makes for a great story/gift or… blogpost. So here it goes: a homemade lemon hand scrub.


The ingredients:

1/4 virgin olive oil
3/4 white sugar
1 tbs lemon


Measure each ingredient carefully. I used my new set (yes, this is one of those splurges) of ‘american’ measuring cups from the brand Joseph Joseph. Take a glass jar, mason jar or any other pot and clean it with water. Dry the jar and add the sugar, then the oil and finally (this is optional, but I would recommend it) the lemon.



I used a freshly squeezed lemon, but you can also buy lemon juice at the grocery store. The lemon is optional but it transforms the hand scrub from an average handscrub to a delicious smelling one. And adds a little bit of extra ‘luxury’ to it.



When you’re done adding the ingredients, all you’ll need to do is mix them together with a spoon and you’re done. Put a little bit between your hands, rub them together and your hands will get exfoliated. Be sure to wash and dry after using it and enjoy your smooth hands.



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