In Love With Beautiful Cards

Hurray for an extra bonus blogpost this week! I just couldn’t not share this with you all. Over the years I’ve fallen in love with multiple cards and prints. I’m justifying buying them by telling myself that everyone can have at least on thing they collect, right? Anyway, these cards were €0,95 cents each so no harm was done.


Maybe it’s because I like beautiful things, maybe I just love the details and colors or maybe it’s because I’m in college studying to be a designer of some sorts. Whatever it is I couldn’t resist taking these three cards home. I’ve been eying them for the last few times I’ve walked in the store. Dille & Kamille, which happens to be one of my favorite stores, has a small collection of cards and prints. All of which are made of really nice (recycled?) paper and tasteful designs. So here you go, three cards that I didn’t buy with the intention of using them as actual cards. I’m dreaming of using them in a ‘home decoration’ kind of way in the future.



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