DIY: Fall & Winter Candle Holders

Who loves a good DIY? Well I hope you do because last sunday I made two fall/winter candle holders. Candles don’t have to be fancy. You can use tealights and normal holders to lighten up your house.


You will need two small tea light holders to start this project. You’ll also need:

  • cinammonsticks
  • icelandic moss
  • two medium sized elastics
  • two ribbons
  • two tealights
  • scissors

And some time to complete this project!


I had this DIY all planned out and I thought that I’d use double-sided tape to tape the cinnamon sticks and icelandic moss to the holders. That didn’t work. They just wouldn’t stick, but I couldn’t give up on it quite yet. So, with the lovely assistance of my mom, we figured out another way to make the items stick to the glass.


We wrapped one elastic around the glass. As you can see the elastic needed to be wrapped around it twice to hold the cinnamon sticks to the glass.


All you need to do is start adding cinnamon sticks all around the glass holder. Eventually the ribbon will go over the place where the elastic is, so keep that in mind when you place the elastic  (I’d say place it in the middle).


When you’re done adding cinnamon sticks you can add either a bit of tissue paper, paper or, as you can see below, some Icelandic moss. This will be the bedding for your tea light. We don’t want the tea light to sit on the bottom of the holder, because we want to see its light. If you do, however, want the light to sit on the bottom, skip this step all together!


As for (Icelandic) moss, you can get this at flourist or any other place where they sell plants. The thing with this kind of moss is, is that it needs to be wet when you use it. So either make it wet or buy it wet. When you’re done using it, it will dry up and keep its shape!


For the finishing touch I added a nice ribbon (I wrapped it twice around the glass holder) and cut of the extra ribbon with an angle.


The next holder is quite similar, expect that we’ll be using Icelandic moss instead of cinnamon sticks. So wrap your elastic around the holder and start adding moss.


When you’re done adding moss, take some scissors and cut the moss to create the shape you prefer. Yes, you’re giving moss a haircut. How funny is that! 


Add a ribbon in your preferred color and cut the ends in a nice diagonal angle to give it a great appearance.


And you’re done! Aren’t they awesome? And you’ve made them yourself! If you don’t like/want to use cinnamon sticks or moss, you can exchange these items for leaves, sticks and bark.


Have fun and enjoy your candles! If you make these be sure to send a picture to @CatieMcCartney on twitter!



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