Cardboard People

I know I can’t be the only one who, on occasion when strolling through the children’s section in a store, is jealous of all the items that kids are ‘allowed’ to play with. When I walked into my favorite Danish stores (that opened in the city where I live, so excited) called Tiger or Flying Tiger my eyes fell upon this set of cardboard figures.


I immediately fantasized about putting them together, playing with them and using them as decoration in my room. And so I bought them. Without shame. And this blogpost is to prove that you can do and buy whatever you like at whatever age you are, because if it makes you happy it’s all that matters. Also, this might be a fun present to give.. since December is around the corner. 


Okay, let’s get started. This is what’s inside the package. You’ll find nine cardboards with the print of the figure and some double sided tape.


Press with your fingers on the figures to get them out of the cardboard. The set came with some extra’s but I didn’t use them, so I left them untouched.


Once you’ve freed your figure from its confinement your going to bend every part of the cardboard to create the right shape.


I started with the tape that came with the set (as you can see in the last photo) but it wasn’t strong enough to hold the shape over night, so I decided to use my own double sided tape and it worked perfectly! You can also try using glue. Whatever product you decide to use, just make sure you put it on every piece. Bend the cardboard to create a cube and press the parts together.


This is what the cube is going to look like. Isn’t it awesome?! Repeat this progress eight more times and you’ll be able to enjoy your wonderful set of figures that you can mix and match. I really love the designs; the faces are funny and creative, just how I like it! And now the inevitable question: ‘are you convinced a kids toy can work for adults as well?’



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