22nd birthday!

I’m turning 22 this thursday, november the 28th! How crazy is that! Well maybe not for you, but it seems like yesterday when I was 12 and preparing for my first day at Highschool! So much has changed. I’m in my last year at college now and I live on my own (during the week that is). I have grown up a lot, at least that’s what I’d like to think.. 

Birthdays are a time to be thankful for the year you’ve received and also to be excited about the year ahead. For the first time in my life I have no idea how and what my life will look like in a year from now.  I guess that’s life, you don’t always know what the next chapter will look like. But one thing I do now is that I would love to continue blogging!

I celebrated my birthday together with my mom’s birthday (and two weeks before my actual birthday, for logistic purposes), but I will be celebrating it with friends this week! This year I asked for kitchen themed presents. I love baking and cooking and I want to continue doing that when I move out next year. The first present I received are two ‘mini’ tin utensils. I love them! 


The second present I received is something I’ve been wanting for almost two years. This retro style scale in a perfect white color is now part of my future kitchen. I love how everyday products can be both functional and pretty. This scale is almost like a decoration!


I couldn’t resist asking for some ‘girly’ things as well! I’m finally the owner of the perfect and gorgeous Essie nailpolish called After Schoolboy Blazer. It is perfection. The dark navy color really suits my skin and is perfect for fall and winter. I also received my very first colored eyeliner. This one is called Emerald Green and is by the brand NYX. It’s awesome and a welcome change from the everyday black eyeliner.


And finally, my parents bought this mint green bread pan for me in Sæby, Denmark. I’ve come across multiple bread pans over the years and I always loved the idea of owning one. This one really attracted me by its color, the simplicity and style. Written on the front is the Danish word for bread, a perfect reminder of my vacations in Scandinavia. It’s a grown up present in a fresh and young color and style! 


And here’s a picture of our birthday cake. We ate it all, it was delicious!


That’s it! I’m so thankful for each and every gift I received, thanks family! And thank you all for being wonderful blog followers in this year, let’s make the next year even better!


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