DIY Clay Christmas Ornaments

It’s December! Time for a cup of tea, some christmas music, cozy lights and.. a christmas tree filled with delightful ornaments. Even if you don’t have a tree put up yet, this blogpost will get you into the festive spirit in no time. So make some tea, and here’s what you’ll need to make your own ornaments form clay. My awesome friend, Emmelien, made this tea cozy for my birthday! I am so in love with it! Thank you, Emmelien! 


You will need:

  • self-drying clay
  • rolling pin
  • transparant foil
  • cookie cutters
  • cocktail stick(s)
  • string or cord in the color of your choice
  • a flat surface (I used a cutting board)


I found this self-drying clay at the local toy store for the awesome price of €1,99. I used about one third of the package for the ornaments. Sit down at a table and take out a bit of clay. Put the clay onto some foil and fold it (the clay is now ‘wrapped’ in between the foil). Take your rolling pin and roll as long as you need to give the clay an even and flat shape.


When you’re satisfied with how thickness of the clay, carefully remove the foil. It’s important that the clay has no unevenness, no lines or cracks. Also make sure that the clay isn’t too thin, because that would increase the risk of the ornament breaking.


Next comes the fun part! Take your cookie cutters, anyone will do, and press them down into the clay. I used all christmas related shapes, but you can go for whatever you prefer. When you’ve firmly pressed the cutters down in the clay, carefully remove them and take the figure out of the clay.


Use your cocktail stick to make a hole. I made tiny holes because I used a small string for these ornaments. You can make the hole as big or as little as you’d like. This is also the part where you can make any changes or additions to the ornament. For example you can use the cocktail stick to give the ornament a texture or to add some glitter. I chose to keep them clean and simple.


When the clay is up or you don’t want anymore ornaments it’s time to let them dry for a good while (I suggest overnight) on a flat surface. Remember that the clay pieces will dry in the way and shape they’re laying, so make sure they’re flat and even.


When they’ve completely dried (you’ll see the color change from gray to white), add a festive ribbon or string to make them into ornaments. And then you’re done! You can hang them in a tree or give them as presents or use them as a decoration for your room! Happy December everyone!



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