Christmas Decorations around our House

Looking at my last couple of blogposts, you won’t be surprised when I tell you that I absolutely love Christmas. I love to plan, organize and create delicious meals, outfits and decorations. I really do enjoy the weeks leading up to December the 25th! And now it’s almost here, because today is Christmas Eve. I’ll be spending my Christmas Eve at a Christmas Eve night service in a village nearby and I’m definitely looking forward to it. What about you? What are you Christmas Eve plans?

I thought about the content of this blogpost for a while and I decided I would give you a tour of my parents house and my room to show you all the decorations we’ve put up. We went with a red&white theme this year (we like to create a theme every year) and also decided that we would bring a bit of the outdoors inside to make it more natural.

So let’s start with our tree.


Here’s the tree topper. It isn’t an official one, but it looks lovely. We used a ribbon with wire in it to create a big bow.

2 3

And here are some decorations. As you can see most of them are red, white and grey. We used angels, hearts, stars, baubles and lights to decorate. Some decorations (like the stars and hearts) are from IKEA and others (like the painted ones) are really old and traditional.


These are mine. I bought them in Denmark this year and I brought them home from college because I love looking at them and they make a nice decoration. I’ve named them Tomte and Nisse, which are the Danish and Swedish names for these House Elves. If you’re wondering what they’re sitting on, those are blankets.


My mom made this side table look all festive and nice! I really like how she incorporated blue candles (from the Flying Tiger) with red and green. The branches are from a hedge in our garden. Don’t be afraid to use branches, or other items from nature. It really ties in this natural and bright decoration theme.


This year I’m secretly a little obsessed with British Christmas traditions. And after reading about Christmas dinner at Hogwarts (Harry Potter, for you that don’t know) I decided I wanted to have Christmas crackers at our dinner as well. We’ll open them on Christmas day, but I thought it’d be fun to display them because they look festive and colorful.


Here’s another way to use nature’s beauty for your Christmas decorations. All you will need is a glass cake stand (preferably with a cover), some moss, branches, pine cones and candle holders. Put hem on the cake stand, cover them up with the lid and there you go! Next to the cake stand we have our advent candle that shows which day it is (and with that the days that are left ‘till Christmas!).


This is anise. It smells delicious, can be used for baking and looks, well, let’s say it looks interesting to say the least. I really love this decoration. Everytime I walk past it, I smell a really warm scent which I now associate with Christmas. You can use cinnamon, vanilla, tangerines or any other Christmas related food for a decoration like this.


In our kitchen we kept it very simple with our decorations. We made a pile of our Christmas/December/Winter cookbooks, displayed some sticks tied together with a ribbon, hung our Christmas cards on the door and changed our regular cookie jar for a festive one.


This little creation is sitting in our hallway. We used a big piece of a tree as a base and decorated it with a brown wreath, some Islandic moss, pine cones and tea lights.


I found this little wreath at a second hand market and I decided to purchase it for one euro! I used the same ribbon as our Christmas tree topper to give the wreath some color. And lastly I added a festive bow for the finishing touch. It’s simple, it’s quite plain, but I really love it.


You might recognize these from a couple of blogpost ago where I made them. These are our homemade clay decorations. We used a green garland to wrap around the bottom of the stairs and hung our ornaments on the branches. This is one of the first things you see when entering the house and I really think the clay ornaments give it a personal touch.


I’m really excited to share these two creations with you. I purposely saved two glass jars from my birthday party in November. I took off the labels by washing them in the dishwasher. To make them into a decoration I added fake snow, two big tea lights, a red ribbon and a brown tag. With my new stamps I spelled out the words ‘Merry Christmas’. I wouldn’t recommend actually lighting the tea lights, as I don’t know how flammable the fake snow is, but they look awesome anyway.


And last but not least here’s my own personal Christmas tree. I found this little one in our attic and decided it needed a second life. So, I cleaned it up and.. made my own paper garland for it. I used leftover paper from my homemade Christmas cards and some brown string. Using a glass as a measurement for the circles, I cut out the paper circles and folded them over to create ‘half circles’. I sew the red paper together with white thread and glued the patterned paper (which made the whole process a lot easier).

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!


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