Shopping in the Sales

Sale shopping is, in my opinion, one of the best kinds of shopping. The products that you’ve been eying for weeks are now reduced with 30, 50 or maybe even 70%. You’ll need to have focus, willpower and a good eye to be successful in sale shopping, but that’s what makes it interesting. So I did, I went shopping in the sales between Christmas and New Years.


Here are my bargains, my haul if you’d like to call it that. The products I bought are from Dille&Kamille, Flying Tiger and Riviere Maison. Sadly, I don’t remember every price, but I can tell you they were all well worth it!

baublesThese are my absolute favorite find. I’ve been dreaming about these white pottery ornaments from Dille&Kamille weeks before Christmas. I think they’ll look good with my other ornaments and house decorations. They’re classic, modern and yet warm and festive. They were €1,25 a piece and I bought them with a 50% discount.


I’ve been getting more into DIY lately and these wooden snowflakes (with some glitter) are right up my street. I’m thinking about using them for Christmas cards, labels or maybe even as a decoration next Christmas. These were on sale for 50%.


I always walk in the Flying Tiger when I get the chance. And although they weren’t doing a sale, it didn’t matter because their prices are always brilliant. I stocked up on some brown labels. I use these for gift wrapping and other DIY’s. Each pack comes with 15 labels and is priced €1.


Vintage looking ornaments. How could I not buy these. These Rivièra Maison acorns are perfect for my Christmas tree next year. I love the scratched up finish and slightly golden color. And how adorable is the packaging?!


And last but definitely not least I caved and bought this trendy Washi Tape (or masking tape). I have read some blogposts about how to use these bright colored tapes and there are so many things you can do with them. They’re also great to use when wrapping gifts. Until I use this lovely little thing I’m just going to adore the bright color.

That’s it. Do you guys love sale shopping? What stores are your favorites?


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