Winter Tea

Don’t be put off by the title, ‘cause I know how some off you might feel. I’ve been there. I once was like you. I neither liked nor hated tea, I just drank it occasionally but I didn’t really enjoy it. Oh, how times have changed. It all began when I moved to my student apartment in my second year of college. I was just so cold. All the time. My roommate is quite the tea lover and so we had our little tea sessions, where we talked about school, friends and life whilst drinking a hot cup of tea. One day in the supermarket I took the time to look at the tea assortment and I bought some different flavors. When I started drinking my new tea I discovered that there are tea flavors that don’t need a lot of sugar to give them a delightful taste. Yes, I was just as amazed as you.

Over the last two years I’ve build up quite a collection of amazing teas. This blogpost is for all of you out there who are still thinking that tea needs sugar to be great, that tea is for old people, that juice is better than tea. It’s also for those lucky few who already know that tea is amazing. Hope you find some inspiration in my winter tea favorites.


+ Caramelized Pear (Pickwick). This tea is great for a ‘winter kind of day’. It smells like pears drenched in caramel and it’s sweet but in a subtle way.
+ Spicy Chai (Pickwick). Chai tea is always a good idea. Chai is spicy and strong, no sugar needed for this one.
+ Vanilla Caramel (Lipton). Found out about this tea through my brother’s girlfriend! This tea has such a strong and warm scent that it will fill your room with its loveliness.
+ Spiced Orange (Pickwick). One of my absolute favorites. This tea looks orange in your mug, how awesome! It’s strong, it’s different and amazing.
+ Loose Tea (from tea stores or the market). You don’t need to buy tea at the supermarket, check out your local food market or try a tea shop for a change. Loose teas are great for when you’re drinking quite a lot of tea during the day. Use a tea egg or tea sack to put in the tea and there you go. I recommend green tea, black tea and cinnamon tea for those cold days in winter.


I’m hoping my next tea adventure will bring me to the Pukka Tea collection, because I hear it’s worth a try. What’s your favorite kind of tea? Which one should I try next?


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