January Favorites 2014

You did it! January is over and you survived! Congratulations! Most people let out a sigh of relief this time of month, me included. I like new beginnings and I like the idea of having a whole  year ahead of me, but January has also brought a lot of rain and gray days. I’m ready for longer days, sunshine and spring! With January behind us it is time to review this month. If you’re not familiar with the term ‘monthly favorites’ don’t worry I’ll explain. Monthly favorites are a way for bloggers and Youtubers to share their favorite items, products, people and/or other things with their followers.


Like most human beings I tried (lets focus on ‘tried’) to live more healthy this month. Not only eating healthier, but being more aware of what I’m eating, when I’m being active and what activities make me happier. I’ve consciously emphasized on not worrying, letting go of stress and negative thoughts. This kind-of-healthy snack (apples with peanut butter) has helped me a lot. Food is such an easy escape. When you’re sad, worried, bored or happy; food is always there to accompany you. Eating smaller portions and substituting snacks with fruit has been a great change this month.


Eating healthier, being more active and conscious all help to feel and be happier and healthier. Yet your mental and spiritual well being is extremely important as well. Taking the time to reflect, be alone, think and relax. I usually have alone time right before I go to bed. I take that time to read, write in my journal, think (don’t think too much though!) and have some one-on-one time with God. If you’re not religious you can scrap that last part, but either way it’s important to be alone, set things in perspective, think about what’s important and what’s not. You can take that time to make a to-do list for the next day or set goals. This daily devotional (Sarah Young – Jesus Calling) is amazing. I’ve never been fond of devotionals because they never seem to work for me. This one however is wonderful. I read the daily page either when I wake up or go to bed and everyday I feel like it’s talking directly to me. The words are practical and yet spiritual at the same time.


I probably would’ve never found this mascara on my own, but thanks to my months as a monthly subscriber to a beauty box I now know how amazing it is. I bought a replacement last week because I had used it all. That’s how impressed I am with its results. This lovely bright pink packaged mascara is the Mascara Volume Déployé by Yves Rocher in black. The non waterproof version is just shy of nine euros, which is a bargain for the quality you’re getting. The black color really defines your eyes and the brush makes your lashes thick and long, just how I like it.


Oh Lauren Oliver, how do you write such amazing books. This sequel to Delirium (Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver) is a novel published in 2012. The dystopian world described in this book is different, unique and full of thought provoking things. It’s about love, adventure, a new world, politics and choosing what you believe in. Lauren Oliver likes details and describes every scene with beautiful words. The last book in this trilogy is called Requiem.


Last but not least I have to share my new scrub with you guys. Even though the Soap and Glory products are not available in a lot of European countries, you can get it shipped to you. This Soap and Glory – Flake Away Scrub is my favorite scrub I’ve ever tried. The typical Soap and Glory smell (that every youtuber and blogger has tried to describe) isn’t really sweet, nor is it floral. It’s soapy, strong and luxurious. The scrub is quite harsh, but has no negative effects on my sensitive skin. It’s a great body scrub for when you need that extra bit to clean your skin.

Bye bye January, hello February! I’m excited to see what you have in store for me!

What are your January favorites? Leave them in a comment below! 


2 gedachtes over “January Favorites 2014

  1. volunteens55 zegt:

    Heb mezelf altijd afgevraagd hoe appels met pindakaas smaakt. Denk dat ik het toch maar ga uitproberen 🙂

    Ps: dat boek Jesus calling. Aanrader? De bijbel kan ik niet lezen vind het niet zo fijn lezen. Dus ben nog op zoek naar een alternatief voor nu.


    • CatieMcCartney zegt:

      Appels met pindakaas zijn echt heerlijk! Niet te veel pindakaas gebruiken uiteraard want anders is het niet meer zo gezond 😉 Je kan er ook kaneel overheen doen! Jesus Calling is voor mij echt geweldig. Als je een makkelijke manier zoekt om toch bezig e zijn met het geloof en de Bijbel zou ik het zeker aanraden. Het is wel in het Engels, maar goed te begrijpen en het leest erg fijn. Elke dag is een klein stukje tekst wat direct toe te passen is!


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