Art in Rotterdam

As a student living in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) I’m always keeping an eye out for activities that I can do. Especially exhibitions and other design/art related things. If you follow me on Instagram you already know that I went to some exhibitions this weekend. One of the exhibitions, Object Rotterdam, was held in a new skyscraper called the ‘de Rotterdam’. I used a very old bus to get to the other exhibition which took place in ‘de van Nelle fabriek’, where they used to make coffee, tobacco, cigarettes and tea. The factory is one of the main industrial monuments in the Netherlands.


Over the span of four days, there were an estimate of 18.000 visitors. The exhibitions included art, paintings, products, fashion, jewelry and others.


Even though I didn’t buy anything (the products were not in my price range!) I felt inspired and loved looking at all the creative things people made.


As a visitor you were allowed to go to the 44th and 30th floor where another small exhibition took place. The view from the 44th floor was stunning. I took some photos to share the view with you! The bridge you see on the photo below is the famous ‘Erasmus Bridge’ in Rotterdam.


I would’ve loved to take home that baby blue beanbag, wouldn’t you?!


The next exhibition was made up off 150 small galleries. From humorous paintings to serious small films and beautiful retro posters.


If I could I would hang these posters in my room. I love the look of retro posters like these!


The photo’s above are called ‘Portrait of a Stranger in Time’ and is made up off passport like photo’s from strangers.


I walked a lot, felt inspired, got ideas and overall had a great day! Taking time to do activities like these (being outside, getting inspired, feeling creative and being offline) is so important to me. I definitely helps to make the weekend fun and exciting. What do you like to do on the weekend? Are there any exhibitions I should visit? Or activities I should do?


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