Happy Postcrossing!

” You’re in a store and looking at beautiful postcards that sadly no one seems to sent anymore. What kind of card would this person like? Artsy, graphic, photograph, funny or maybe serious? You’ve made your decision (grabbed that awesome artsy card) and later that day you sit down to drink a cup of tea and take out the card. Your ideas, your life, your experiences or advice, they all go down on the card. With the international stamp on it the card is ready to go and you send if off, filled with excitement. ”


That’s usually how I feel about sending a postcard, internationally. And no, I don’t have friends or acquaintances all over the world. Well now I do, kind of. I’ve been postcrossing for almost two months now and I’m seriously loving it. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you already know that I love cards, because I wrote about it here and here. Yet, postcrossing is so much more than just sending cards. It’s about the process of choosing a card, writing a special note, sending it off on its journey all over the world. It’s also about looking in the mail box checking to see if any postcards have arrived. It’s about reading stories from people all over the world, seeing their handwriting, learning about their life and country. It’s about the excitement, anticipation, mystery and about feeling connected.


Postcrossing is a website were, after you’ve created an account, you can ask for a random address. By viewing the profile attached to the given address you’ll learn a little bit about what kind of person he or she is, what country he/she is from, what kind of things he/she would like you to write about. Every postcard is labeled with a code. When you receive a postcard you register it on the website using that code. You can sent a digital ‘thank you’ message to the sender if you’d like. I felt kind of anxious to start this process, (you are giving away your address!), but I feel confident now in the website and process. When you sent a card to someone they don’t have your address (unless you write that on the card).


So, what do I write on those cards? As much as possible. I like receiving cards that have a lot written on them, so I try to do the same. The profile of the receiver usually asks for something specific like something about my personal life, my country, a recipe, something written in my mother language (with translation), book recommendations, music recommendations etcetera. Surprise the reader with some extra’s like what the current weather is, what book your reading, a little quote or note, some beautiful stamps, some words or sentences in your own language. Be creative with it.


Happy postcrossing! If you have any questions about postcrossing read the Frequently Asked Questions. If you’d like to talk to me about my experiences, leave a comment below!


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