If you like.. VLOGS

I almost started this blogpost with ‘if you like watching other people’, but that just sounds creepy. Although it’s kind of the right description for a VLOG. A vlog, usually on Youtube, is a video log. Essentially it is a video diary. People who vlog are called ‘vloggers’. There are daily vloggers, european vloggers, american vloggers, family vloggers etcetera. You might’ve heard about the ShayTards, an American family of seven who have been daily vlogging for five years straight. Yes, five years. Their followers have watched the kids grow up, babies being born, pets die, friends getting married; the good, bad and the ugly. And I love it. So, if you like vlogs too or if you’re interested in the vlogging world, here are some of my recommendations of vlogs that you might not know about.

If you like family life.. You should check out the ModernMom4Life channel. This family with five kids under ten living in, currently freezing, Canada is the real deal. No special stuff, just real family life. The vlogs average about 20 minutes, which might sounds like a lot, but an average TV series is a lot longer and when you’ll fall in love with them you’ll beg for more! Mom, Jenn, is the main vlogger (although dad Mike is the entertainer and comic relief!) and she vlogs everything. From sending their second eldest daughter to her first day of school, staying home with her little kids to the famous movie nights at their house. 

If you like young urban city living.. You have to watch the essiebuttonvlogs channel. Estée, a Canadian living in England, and her charming boyfriend Aslan live with their gorgeous greyhound (Reggie) in a beautiful appartment in London. Their vlogs are full of adventures, city trips, daily city life (walking the dog in ydillic London parks) and the occasional cooking with Aslan (a must watch!). Estée and Alsan are the kind of vloggers that make you giggle, feel warm inside and feel inspired to go outside and do stuff.

If you like to think about raising kids, living and keeping relationships in the best way.. You have to watch the Schmovies channel, where the Schmoyer family is uploading vlogs. Their family consisting of dad Tim, mom Dana, three talented and smart kids (and one on the way) has been part of my life for a couple of years now. You’ll defenitely fall in love with this uncomplicated, close knit family. Their christian believes, way of looking at life, homeschooling days, pure honesty and viewer interaction (you’re sure to get an answer when you leave a comment) are what makes them special.

If you like organic, healthy and fun filled living.. Go over to the ladiedottie channel where Datev Gallagher has been vlogging for some years now (involving moving to California, meeting her boyfriend Kevin, moving to Nevada, a roadtrip through the USA). The couple, currently living in Reno, Nevada have a special way of living. Everyday is an opportunity to learn something new, to go outside on (what they call) mini adventures. Cooking, eating and food is a big part of their life. Datev Gallagher also has her own cooking show on her main channel. And watch out for fridays when it’s a whole day of TGIKevin (spin off from Thank God It’s Friday). 

And last but not least, if you think you can handle lots of kids, outdoor activities and chaos.. Go over to the KelloggShow channel where an American family of twelve are living their lives in an RV. When they’re not outside kayaking, snowboarding, playing games or hiking, you can find them homeschooling, being together and living live to the fullest. My life couldn’t be more different than theirs and sometimes that’s just what you need. It’s refreshing to watch, it’s entertaining and inspiring. With twelve kids there is always something going on and if there isn’t you can count on mom Susie or dad Dan to make the day.

Be sure to check them out, you won’t regret it! What YouTubers do you like to watch?


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