My Life in Pictures | no. 1

If you’re anything like me you deal with a smartphone that has run out of space on a monthly basis. No I don’t have loads of music, games or apps on my phone. Yes I am guilty of taking daily pictures of my life and I’m not sorry. I love my smartphone mostly because it allows me to take pictures of things that would otherwise go unnoticed, go forgotten. Capturing daily life, beautiful moments or details we see, are now possible because we carry a camera with us all the time. With that comes the cleaning of my photo stream and I found some good ones in there. So here they are, my life in pictures.


1. Living in a city means living surrounded by stickers and graffiti. I often take photos of stickers or drawings that I like. Like this one, that I found on a ride in the metro. Don’t grow up people!

2. I’ve been working towards my graduation internship for, I don’t even know how many, weeks now. With no classes to attend I spend my time at my desk, surrounded by mint green colored school supplies.

3. Tuesday is the day when I try to go to the market and buy fresh fruits and vegetables. I bought some willow catkins for my room and when I walked away I realized the man selling them had added some red roses. I turned around, sure this was a mistake, but when I returned he walked towards me with a smile and said ‘just enjoy them!’

4. When there’s a hype I often find myself wondering if it’s worth it. So I went to the store and bought the caramel seasalt Tony’s Chocoloney chocolat. I ate half of it in one night. That stuff is delicious.

5. My friend and I went to Utrecht for a Creative Morning. It was a very foggy morning and I took this photo of a bridge over the canal. The fog, trees and morning light make it seem surreal. I love it.

6. Say hello to my cat; Jacob. He enjoys life to the max. This is one of his specialty poses.


7. My brother and his girlfriend came over to where I live and together we visited the S.H.O.E.S. exhibition in de Kunsthal. Even though the exhibition wasn’t particulary extraordinary, I loved spending time with them.

8. Rozanne, a good friend and classmate, took me to try some biological fries at a new place in Rotterdam; Pomms’. I’ve never eaten fries that tasted so ‘fresh’ and delicious. We’ll come back for sure.

9. Bought two of them at Xenos (€1,99 a piece). Yes I know everyone seems to own these, but I seriously fell in love with how they look. They’re a great way to make a drink look even more tasty.

10. Spend a good two hours brainstorming, talking and working at a local coffeeshop with a friend. Graduating is quite the process.

11. Taken whilst biking to the park. These typical housing buildings are everywhere in Rotterdam. I kind of like how they look. You can see the Euromast in the background.

12. I literally squealed when I saw these in a local boutique. Two glass ‘jars’ from the brand House Doctor. They’ll look so nice in a bathroom or kitchen. Someday.

Enough about me. What’ve you been up to lately? 


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