First Blogger Event

The blogger world. A mysterious space filled with words, images, excitement and a lot of hard working people. A world I’ve been trying to create my own little space in for the past year and a half. Also a world that I hadn’t physically been in until last saturday. A couple of weeks ago I read a blogpost about a blogger event that would be held on April 5th in Amsterdam. It was called the Villa ArenA Blogger Event. There would be other bloggers, guest speakers, a lunch and a blogger competition of some sorts. So I signed up, packed my back, took the train from Rotterdam Central Station to Amsterdam Bijlmer ArenA and went to the event. Here’s how the day went.


I woke up before my alarm clock went off (as usual) and realized it was 7.15 on a Saturday. I spoke some motivating words to myself and started my morning routine. I desperately didn’t want to miss any train or metro connections so I made sure I was early. I really enjoyed waking up early for this purpose, walking through a sleepy city and going on an exciting adventure.


After some window shopping at Rotterdam Central Station I hopped in to the, already ready, train. I realized there was only one other person in there and the train wouldn’t leave for another ten minutes. I sat down and then the lights went of and within seconds the whole train shut down. I hurried over to the gentlemen in the other coupé and asked him if he knew if this was normal. He obviously saw the panic in my eyes and said “as long as the doors still open, it’s okay”. They didn’t. Luckily he didn’t panic and just went to the front of the train to see if there was anyone there. Turns out the machinist didn’t know there were people on board and had shut down the train for some reason.


I arrived in Amsterdam an hour later and found my way to the Villa ArenA mall were the event would be held. Walking towards the event I tried to spot any other bloggers and felt my excitement level rising. I sat down on the last row next to a friendly looking girl. Soon all the seats were taken and people were exchanging cards, names and experiences. I loved it. 


The speakers that day were all experienced bloggers (and a stylist) from blogs like Beeldsteil, Vosgesparis, Interiorator, AprilandMay and Flair. With their different backgrounds came different stories and advice and, as a true student, I wrote it all down in my newly bought notebook. The advice that really struck me is ‘use blogging as a way of expressing yourself’. I really needed to hear that and it inspires me to write about things that are close to me or things that are going on in my life. We also discussed building a network, using images, writing, having your own style and blogging with a passion.


Even though I didn’t enter the competition and I’m not sure I solely want to be an interior blogger I felt a sense of belonging (in this blogging world) and new energy to keep doing what I’m doing. As long as there is one person who likes reading my blog I have a goal to keep writing and sharing. 


I met some lovely (Dutch) bloggers that are worth checking out: 

Would you ever start a blog? What would you blog about? Or are you already a blogger? Leave your blog address down below so other people (and I) can take a look!


4 gedachtes over “First Blogger Event

  1. Karlijn zegt:

    Hoi 🙂 Wat heb je er leuk over geschreven. Het was ook mijn eerste blogevent én ik was me toch eens zenuwachtig! Gelukkig waren er veel aardige mensen (waaronder jij) en ik vond het hele interessante lezingen. Super leuk om je te ontmoeten! X


  2. Saskia zegt:

    Voor mij was het ook mijn eerste blogevent! Leuk om mee te maken en andere bloggers te ontmoeten. Je hebt een erg leuk blog. Afgelopen weekend werd ik genomineerd voor de Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Ik heb jou ook genomineerd. Kijk even op mijn blog voor de spelregels.


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