The Story of two Lasts

Sometimes I just have a vision in my head. Something I’d like to create, happen, see or buy. It often takes me a while to make that vision happen and that’s fine with me, because I like the process of making it ‘just right’. You might be wondering what I’m talking about, well let me explain.

I love IKEA. I love it because it’s affordable, it’s diverse, it’s scandinavian, it’s clean and fresh. However, a lot of items in my room are from IKEA and that shows. It shows because even though I try to add my own style to my room everyone knows where my chairs, bed and cupboards are from and they’re all pretty common. That’s fine and all, but I’d like my room to be more unique, to have some character. That’s why I love hunting for unique and characteristic stuff. 


A few months ago I walked into a second hand/vintage store in Middelburg. My eyes immediately fell upon a box filled with lasts. They were sitting there in an unorganized pile and I suddenly saw myself putting them among my modern and fresh furniture. Sadly I didn’t have the money at that time to take them with me. I went back a couple of times in the months after that but every time the store was closed. Until now. The store was open, there were still some lasts laying there and I found a perfect pair. It was meant to be!


So why lasts, you ask? Well, why not, I say. Think about the story, their life, what they’ve been through, the craftsmanship behind it. Lasts are used to make shoes. The lasts I bought are in a Dutch size 36 and they’re from a well known factory in Waalwijk, the Netherlands. They’re truly part of an invention. Imagine how life would be without shoes, how different our day to day life would be. I just really love their shape, the wooden material and the used look. If you could’t tell already, I just fell in love with a pair of lasts.


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