Paper Chase purchases

Nothing beats that feeling when you walk in to a store, realize it’s exactly what you’ve always dreamed about and it’s now in a hands reach. Well, almost nothing. That’s actually what I felt like when I walked in to Paper Chase at Rotterdam Central Station a couple of weeks back. Needless to say I’ve been back for seconds and thirds and I didn’t leave empty handed. You might’ve heard the name Paper Chase before. It’s a premium international stationary store established in the UK and it’s now taking over Dutch train stations.


From cards, to notebooks, to gadgets and address books, they have all that your stationary-loving-heart could want. My first finds were beautiful cards that only cost me a euro a piece (which is quite good considering their material and unique look&feel). I took five home with me and used two of them for snail mail.


The next purchase I made is an address book. How excited can one person get over an address book? Really excited if that person is called Catie McCartney. I’ve been on the hunt for a sturdy, unique and practical address book for months and months. I’ve scoured amazon, Ebay, local stores and international stores and no luck so far. When my eyes fell upon this brilliant piece of work I immediately loved it and felt a bit relieved that I no longer needed to search. I know that an address book might seem otiose (living in a digital based world and all) but I have a soft spot for tangible products. Especially ones that look so cool and could be used as a coffee table book.


And finally on my third trip I went in for a notebook (this I actually needed) and also bought some super adorable recipe cards. I love the notebook because it’s so colorful, it’s different and it has lots of pages. I’m going to use this for notes that I take at events, lectures and workshops. It makes me smile every time I see it. And the recipe cards… Well, they’re such a fun purchase. I already filled some for myself and I’m also thinking about adding these to presents or snail mail (as a little extra).

Do you love stationary as much as I do? What’s your favorite stationary store? 


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