DIY: beach cruiser

I’ve been secretly dreaming about owning a beach cruiser for the past 6 years, since the first time I saw one in real life. It has something to do with the style, the smooth design and the association with the (California) beach. I’ve never actually put down money to buy one since I already own a bicycle and beach cruisers are quite costly. Until two weeks ago, when my eyes spotted an online advertisement for a second hand beach cruiser.


The beach cruiser was definitely used, it needed some oil, a new inner tire and some TLC (time, love and care). I was so ready to give it all that it needed.. and a little more. So, I put down a good (bargain) offer and drove the same day to retrieve it. I was beyond excited! 


I sent it off to get repaired the same week. It came back looking better than it did before, but still scratched, filthy and in that obnoxious gold color with Haribo advertisement all over it. So, I took the plunge and bought some off-white paint that’s suitable for metal and rusty things.


I started the process by cleaning the beach cruiser with a wet towel. Some of the filth and orange spray paint came off and it already looked nicer. Using a big paint brush I painted the whole thing in one go with an even (thin) layer of paint. I let it dry overnight and painted it with another layer the next day. The paint dripped on some places and it’s not perfect (as in, you can see it’s painted), but my attempt at painting it the best I could definitely paid off. It’s looking great and I absolutely love it.


It’s kind of a daunting task and you’ll need some time and patience to complete it, but it’s so worth it! If you’re interested in painting your own bicycle, I bought the paint at a local (D.I.Y) store for around thirteen euros. If you’re ever bored of your bicycle or you’ve bought a second hand one, paint it a new color and it changes the whole thing!



2 gedachtes over “DIY: beach cruiser

  1. Karlijn zegt:

    Haribo!! Nu heb ik meteen zin in die gummi beertjes 🙂 Maar wow, wat een toffe fiets. En wat ziet die er na jouw opknapbeurt lekker fris uit!


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