Catie’s Kitchen: Summer Salad

It’s time for another recipe from Catie’s Kitchen. I’ve been really enjoying eating a lot of fresh fruits the last couple of months. I’ve used some recipes as inspiration to create my own summer-y salad incorporating one of my favorite fruits; raspberries. The great thing about salads is that they’re diverse. You can eat them as the main meal or as a side dish or even as a snack. The ingredients are changeable as well, if you don’t like raspberries, switch them for blackberries!


– lettuce
– cucumber
– brie (soft cheese)
– raspberries
– pine nuts


I started off with three kinds of lettuce from our vegetable garden. You can use whatever kind of lettuce you have or prefer. Make sure to wash them and cut them in to smaller pieces before adding them in to a bowl. Cut up as much cucumber as you like (I used almost a whole cucumber for 3 people) and add these to the lettuce. Start adding small (bite size) pieces of brie to the salad and grab your raspberries as well. Add the raspberries and finish it off with some pine nuts for some extra texture. This salad doesn’t need any dressing (no oil, no dressing, no salt) because the flavor of all the ingredients will be tasty enough!


You can switch the brie for goats cheese, the raspberries for blackberries or the pine nuts for walnuts if that’s what you prefer! Present it as a meal, side dish or snack and enjoy your amazingly colorful and delicious summer salad!

If you make this salad tag me on Instagram or Twitter and use the #catieskitchen

summersalad-1    . .


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