DIY: wooden coaster

Coasters, everyone needs them, almost everyone has a pair of them and they’re usually nothing special at all. Until I saw these coasters from a store called Rebelli. They’re simple and yet very unique. Made out of wooden beads this coaster is not only practical but also very pretty. So why don’t I try to make one myself?


You’ll need:

– wooden beads (as many as you need to make a circle big enough)
– paint
– twine
– a jar
– thin wire
– a stick


I put some thin wire through one of the beads and dipped it into the paint. You can paint the beads however you like. I decided to paint one bead completely blue and leave the rest of them unpainted. Let the bead(s) dry  for a while  (I used a jar for this) and grab your twine when you’re done. 


Put as many beads as you need on the twine to make a circle. You don’t want to leave space between the beads, it has to be tight. Tie the twine in a knot and cut off the ends. If the holes in the beads are big enough you can hide the little ends of twine in the holes.


And then you’re done. Enjoy your new, homemade coaster!


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