Catie’s Bookshelf # 1 | Summer of 2014

I can hear you all say “Catie, what are you reading this summer?” Well, what a coincidence. In this blogpost I’m sharing the books I’ve bought for this summer. I won’t bore you with summaries that you can find anywhere on the internet. I’m just sharing the books I’ve ordered (some haven’t arrived yet, that’s why they’re not on the photo’s) and why I want to read them. Maybe you’ll like some of them and can read them with me! Together I spend 57 euro’s on these books and I bought them online. Let’s start with this first edition of Catie’s Bookshelf!


Robyn Schneider – Severed heads, broken hearts
I’ve never read anything from this author but I’ve heard so much about it. This book has a different title nowadays. It’s called ‚The beginning of everything’. I’ve bought it with the old title because it was cheaper and it’s the same story. I love books that revolve about changes, tragedies or events and I find it enjoyable to read books that take place in a school setting.

Emily Lockhart – We were liars
The title sucked me in to buying this one. And because I’ve been recommended it so many times. It’s quite a well known book and it seems intriguing. Whenever there’s a mystery or something you don’t know as a reader I feel like I need to read this book to figure out what’s going on. Also, it’s about privileged kids on a private island. I love a setting like that.


Rainbow Rowell – Eleanor & Park
I couldn’t help myself, so I’ve already read this one. This one is an easy read, it has two main characters and it’s a love story. Yes, it’s about teenage love, yes it takes place in 1986 and no it’s definitely not cliché. I found myself sucked into this story, the characters grew on me and I was so surprised by the plot twist. Defenitely recommend this one. Also, don’t be scared by the cursing in the first few pages, it’ll change.

Beth Revis – Across the Universe
Fantasy, an amazing book cover and a mystery story. What else could I ask for? I bought this because I heard essiebutton on YouTube talk about it. It’s about space but it’s not a space-kind-of-book, apparently. I’m really excited to read this.

Emily Lockhart – The disreputable history of Frankie Landau-Banks
Since I bought ‘we were liars’ from the same author and I saw great reviews on this book as well, I thought I’d give it a try. It’s another school setting, but this time my favorite kind to read about: boarding school. It’s about growing up and making choices. Also, John Green (author and Youtuber) recommended it.

Sharon Creech – Bloomability
This might be an easy read and maybe I’m too old for this book (technically). Although, it’s for ‘young adults’ and I’m still young right? I wanted to read this one because it’s another boarding school book (see the obsession?) and I’d like to have one easy read for the summer. A book you can take to the beach or read before you go to bed. I think this’ll be great.


E.M Froster – The Machine Stops
I found this short story by accident when I was searching for books with a futuristic theme. I love thinking about the future, about mankind and technology. I’m not sure I can handle the old fashioned English (this was published in 1909) but I’ll definitely give it a try. It’s about humans being dependent on technology.

That’s it for this summer! What are you reading? And what do you recommend?


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