Catie’s Kitchen: Cheese Pie (Savory Pie)

Since you all seemed to love my recent recipe in the last Catie’s Kitchen I thought I’d share another one of my favorite recipes. This one entered our family a lot of years ago. I remember my mom making this for the first time and we all instantly loved it. It has been one of those recipes that we keep getting back to, it’s been there during bad times and good times. Okay, so if that wasn’t cheesy enough for you, let’s get on with baking this cheese pie, or as we say in Dutch „kaastaart”. 



– 4 pieces of puff pastry (or enough to cover a baking dish)

– 4 eggs

– some pepper

– cheese slices (I used 7 slices)

– some butter, oil or non-stick spray


Preheat your oven to 170ºC  (338ºF). Get out your baking dish and grease it however you like. This will help you get the pie out of the dish after baking it. Cover the bottom of the dish with puff pastry and make sure to create a little side as well. Use a knife to make some cuts in the puff pastry as shown on the photo. 


Lay the slices of cheese on top of the puff pastry and cover the whole baking dish. I used about 7 big slices, but you can you as many as you’d like. More cheese is better in my opinion. Mix the four eggs and some pepper together and add the mixture to the baking dish. Spread it evenly over the cheese.   

kaastaart5  kaastaart3

That’s it! Put your baking dish in the oven for 30 minutes at 170 degrees celcius. When the top has a golden color your pie is finished. This cheese pie can be eaten hot or cold, it’s truly delicious either way! You can store the leftovers in the fridge if there are any!


Have a nice meal! Be sure to use the #catieskitchen if you recreate this recipe!


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