How I make most of my Summer

It’s summer, it’s warm outside, I’m home for summer vacation and there are a lot of things I have the time and space for now that I’m home from school. Since I don’t have to worry about things like doing homework, being on time and getting things done I’m using that time for different activities. Things that you might like to do as well. Here are five summer-y things I like (to do).

Read a lot of books
I’ve recently dedicated an entire blogpost to the books I bought for summer. You can read that here if you haven’t already. I’ve secretly added some more books to that collection since I was going through them on such a high speed that it wouldn’t last me very long. The book I’m reading now is called The disreputable history of Frankie Landau-Banks by Emily Lockhart. It’s set in a boarding school and it’s witty, interesting, lighthearted and sometimes very philosophical. It’s a perfect book for summer reading. Why not keep your brain in check whilst relaxing outside in the sun with a book?!


Drink a lot of water
Drinking water is good for you, that’s what everyone says and everyone knows. It’s also easier said than done for me, because even though I’m always thirsty I can’t seem to make myself drink lots of water. The solution for me? Don’t buy any juices (what you don’t have you can’t drink), add fruits like lemon and lime to you water, fill a pitcher with the amount of water you’d like to drink during that day and start drinking until you’re finished that evening. It’s working for me and (I know how cliché this sounds) I’m actually seeing the effects of drinking 1,5 to 2L of water on my skin, hair and energy level. You can do it!


Watch movies
I’d describe myself as a TV show kind of girl, not really a movie kind of person (although I love them). During the school year I can’t seem to make time to watch a movie the whole way through. Since I’m more relaxed now and feel like I have the time to watch whatever I want to I’m watching movies. The last movie I watched is called Frozen, because everyone has been talking about it! Coming from a girl who hardly ever watches Dinsey movies or animated movies for that matter, I thought it was funny and cleverly made!


Spend time outside
Maybe it’s blazing hot, maybe you don’t feel like it, but make yourself spend time outside. Feel the summers breeze through your hair, the sun on your skin and the smells in the air. Take a book and read in the shade, go on a bike ride when it’s cool outside, spend time swimming or laying on the beach and most of all enjoy the beauty of nature. My favorite is eating breakfast or dinner outside in the garden with my family.


Writing and journaling
You don’t have to start a blog (although, why not, if you’ve been thinking about it, this is a perfect time!) but maybe you’ve always wanted to start a journal, or maybe you have some great ideas or memories that you’d like to remember. Go get yourself a journal or notebook and start writing away. Journaling isn’t only a great way for remembering things, it’s also a way to let go of things that are filling up your head. My tip for writing is, write like nobody is ever going to read it. Write with your heart and emotions and worry about the flow or grammar later if you ever need to. Have fun with it! You can even make a summer journal and add photo’s, movie tickets and drawings to it.


Trying new food
Whether you’re on vacation and there’s something on the menu you’ve never tried before, or you’re at home making dinner for the family. Go outside of your comfort zone this summer, try new ingredients, new items and new food. Maybe your local (farmers) market will have some ingredients you’ve never tried. Search for new recipes like I did yesterday and prepare yourself something delicious. It’s all about the fun of trying! I made portobello mushrooms stuffed with goat’s cheese, green pesto and pine nuts baked in the oven. It. Was. Delicious. Definitely trying the mushrooms again!

Enjoy the summer, wherever you are in the world!



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