Why Sweden is Awesome

I’m back! You probably didn’t know I was gone, because my lovely brother posted the last two blogposts I had written before I went on vacation. Nevertheless, I’m back and I have a lot of stories to share with you! The last two weeks I spent on the island Öland in Southern Sweden. My family and I rented a cottage from a friendly couple and we explored the island and area by car.

Some people are surprised when I tell them I went on vacation to Sweden. What can you do there? Isn’t it boring? There is no sun there, right? So here is a blogpost about two sunny weeks on a beautiful island, proving them wrong!


Let’s start with me. Here I am standing in front of the limestone rocks that cover some of the coast of Öland. It’s called Byrum Raukar and the limestone is truly incredible to see. They’re up to 4 meters high and give the coast a spectacular look.


The biggest town on the island is called Borgholm. It’s a pretty town with a harbor, quite a few shops, a beach and it’s also the place where the royal family has a summer house (Solliden). Near to Solliden you can find an enormous ‘ruin’ of a castle called Borgholm Slot. This is the courtyard inside.


Scandinavian food. That’s one of the reasons why I love Sweden so much. What you see on the picture is called a Dagens Lunch. It’s a lunch that’s different every day of the week. For about 130 SEK we ate from a buffet and as you can see the plate is filled with potatoes, bread, salmon, shrimps, salad and lovely watermelon. Oh, and don’t forget about the dille sauce!


The sunsets on the island were gorgeous. I took this photo at a little harbor near our cottage. The sea, sky and surrounding nature were extremely calm, relaxing and beautiful. We often walked to this harbor in the evening, stunned by its beauty every time.


This isn’t a strange sighting when you’re in Sweden. Most of the coast is covered in rocks and people who visit often make small towers like on the photo. I’ve heard that they’re supposed to bring luck, but even though I’m not superstitious I made my own tower multiple times. Who knows, maybe it’ll give me some luck anyway!


You might be surprised by this photo, but no this isn’t edited and yes this really is Sweden. Blue sky, clear water, white sand and a lot of sun.


Standing on top of the lighthouse in the north of Öland, called Långe Erik, gave me this amazing view of the northern part of the island. You can see the blue water, lots of trees and the gorgeous land of Sweden!


Our first and only trip to the mainland had as destination Kalmar. Kalmar is a big(ger) city with a great center, lots of shops and also this beautiful castle. We joined an English guided tour and learned a lot about the history of both the castle and the area.


Sitting in a small train I spotted some deer. Here’s the best photo I took. Wildlife is everywhere in Sweden, especially on the main land.


Just a photo of ice cream right? No it’s not! The two ice cream cones on the right are filled with Lakrits ice cream. Lakrits is an ingredient that the Swedish people love. It’s everywhere, in everything and it’s awesome. Lakrits is either the same or the ingredient for liquorice. You either love it or you hate it!


And last but not least is a photo of the Shipwreck on the coast in the Trollskogen forest. This wreck is of the three masted schooner called Swiks and has been laying here since 1926. It’s a weird and yet beautiful sight to see. The surrounding forrest, coast and sea are also beautiful and worth visiting.

Two weeks of Sweden wasn’t enough. I definitely need to come back again and experience more of the Swedish lifestyle. Have you ever been to Scandinavia? Would you consider going after seeing these photos? 

4 gedachtes over “Why Sweden is Awesome

  1. marchingonthebeat zegt:

    Wat kan je daar doen?
    Nou al het prachtige om je heen bekijken. Wauw, ik zie echt een toekomstige vakantie land bij mezelf! Strand ziet er ook tof uit, maar als dit er niet is dan is er in zo’n land nog veel meer te zien. Geef mij maar zo’n vakantie in plaats van elke dag liggen bakken aan het strand. (Al is dat af en toe vast ook heel lekker)


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