Catie’s Kitchen: Rens Kroes Powerfood Cookbook

You should’ve seen my reaction when I held Rens Kroes’ cookbook called Powerfood in my hands at the local bookstore last week. When I flipped through the pages almost every recipe stood out to me. That’s my way of checking if a cookbook is going to work for me or not. It’s all about whether the recipes are interesting, doable and if the ingredients are relatively easy to get to. This one definitely did!


Rens Kroes, a Dutch girl from the province Friesland, has a lot experience with healthy eating and even more passion for it. Although her cookbook is all about a healthy lifestyle, it’s in no way about diets or extreme meals. I’ve been a food lover my whole life, but I’ve been getting into eating healthy, making slow food, using fresh ingredients and even preparing vegetarian meals for the last two years or so. Rens Kroes cookbook is perfect for those of you who are just starting to eat more healthy or who have been doing so for a while. 


What I like about the recipes is that they’re diverse. There are breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and even juice recipes. Some of the recipes are vegetarian, all of them use fresh and healthy ingredients. There are easy recipes, harder ones and recipes with influences from all over the world. What makes this book even more special are the personal stories Rens has included. Her morning routine, growing up in Friesland, where the recipes are from and such are part of the book. 


I made about five of the recipes in the last three days when I spent my weekend at my parents house in the Dutch countryside. Even here, I had no trouble finding the ingredients I needed. I had most of them in my kitchen already. 


I can already tell that his cookbook is going to be one of my favorites! You can buy the cookbook for €19,99 online or at your local bookstore!  



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