A Peek Inside My Room

Two rooms, two lives. One student room in a small apartment, one room at my parents house in the countryside. Here are some photos I took of the room I grew up in, the room that holds my teenage memories, the room that is now a safe place where I feel like everything will be okay; a place to come home to.


I’d say my style (in this room) is eclectic, a mix of different styles and items I love. I like white furniture, accented with colorful decorations.

catiemccartney-catiesroom-2 catiemccartney-catiesroom-3

Books. Books are everywhere in my room. I’ve grown up with books and I love buying them and reading them. The bookshelves are part of the decorations in my room.


When I open my closet, all I see are autumn colors. I’ve switched out my summer clothes and brought in my autumn and winter clothes.


My card collection keeps growing. I like storing the cards in this rack from HEMA.


Since my room doesn’t have a lot of storage space, I like using patterned boxes.


This has to be one of my most favorite spots in my room. Right beside my bed you find my Wake Up Lamp, two prints I collected over the years, a very old book my mom gave me, a geometrical art piece I bought this summer in Sweden and.. yes, that’s a mini Advent Calendar!


This is my shoe and nail polish corner. I keep all the shoes I have on these shelves whilst my nail polish collection sits on top. Another great idea for storage is using old suitcases. This one used to be my moms. I stacked some other pieces on top to create that eclectic vibe.

How would you describe your room decor style? 



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