Catie’s Recommendations | Angie’s Food, Rotterdam

Rotterdam, known for its harbor, straightforward people and history. It’s the place where I made my first steps into adulthood, the city I’ve began to love for its honesty, innovations and stories. Rotterdam is bursting with energy and will give you the hustle and bustle that only great cities do. There are many reasons to visit Rotterdam, but I’d like to highlight some (not so well known) places for you. Here’s to the first edition of Catie’s Recommendations!


Angie’s Fast and Fresh Food

Karel Doormanstraat 368-370
3012 GR

In the city centre, on the edge of the shopping streets you’ll find Angie’s Food on the Karel Doormanstraat. Tucked between clothing stores and ice cream places, you’ll find the safe haven for people with fast and fresh food cravings.


When you’d like to catch up with a friend, have a more healthy lunch, find some really amazing snacks and products or grab some dinner to take home, you should come to Angie’s Food. Walking in the store will give you a combination of a restaurant, cute coffee place and small grocery store. I was most surprised by the relaxed vibe and diversity of people buying products there.


Angie’s Fast and Fresh Food serves food for every moment of the day. All products are fresh and from their own kitchen. From delicious sandwiches to the self serve salad bar to freshly juiced juices, it’s all there for you to experience. I chose the salad bar and tried (typical me!) a bit of everything. The quinoa with goats cheese and pomegranate seeds is delicious, but don’t forget about the potato salad! I couldn’t leave without bringing some snacks, so I chose the sweet and salty popcorn that has awesome packaging.


Angie’s Food is very reasonably priced and they definitely deliver on the Fast and Fresh part!       


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