Update & Tapas

You’ve probably noticed by now that my blogposts have been really inconsistent lately. I’m truly sorry. I’m trying to post one blogpost a week, but it won’t always be on a Tuesday. The good news is, that I’m currently in the last few weeks of graduating from college. I’m writing my thesis and will (hopefully) graduate in the beginning of January. Until then, forgive me for being so inconsistent!


On the other hand, I’m in an even more desperate need of comfort food, easy snacks and things that make me feel good. So, naturally, I decided to make my own Tapas like snack.


It starts with fresh bread. For my Dutch readers, I used Passie & Liefde brood from Albert Heijn. Cut the bread into small pieces and get your toppings ready. The classic one to go for is pesto. I love how the red one tastes on this kind of bread. Next is a salty kind of butter that’s a little creamy. I used a Dutch kind called Graskruid boter. And for the secret ingredient… race to the supermarket and grab yourself some aioli. Aioli looks like mayonaise, but it’s better. It’s made from garlic and it’s delicious with a piece of bread.


And that’s your comfort food done. Enjoy!



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