My First Experience With Dior

Woah! Stop right here! Since when do I blog about make-up? Yes, I’m just as surprised as you! But I have to, since my mom surprised me with a ‘get-your-make-up-done-by-a-make-up-artist-from-dior’ kind of afternoon! I just can’t resist sharing my excitement with you.


I think make-up is something wonderful.. when used for the right reasons. And no, this isn’t a blogpost about what, when and how to wear make-up, because let’s be honest, to each his own. It’s about how I went from being a concealer and mascara kind of girl, to actually liking experimenting with make-up. 


The Dior make-up professional (Nora) did my make-up with a natural and lightweight look. I usually stick with mascara, concealer, blush and if I’m really into it I might go for some eyeliner or lipstick. My main goal with make-up is enhancing my natural beauty and not trying to hide all my flaws.


And so she tried to incorporate my ideas whilst creating something awesome. Nora convinced me to use some powder and bronzer. She also contoured my eyelids with eyeshadow and a brilliant brown colored eyeliner. I loved the effect that the make-up had on me. It still looked natural, it made me look alive and put together. The brown eyeliner is such a great idea, because I find that black eyeliner often looks to hard!

Even though I’m sure I’ll continue with no make-up kind of days, I’m also happy that I now know what to use and how to make it look natural. It’s great to have knowledge for days when you want to put a little bit more effort in your look, or want to look a little more festive or put together.


I fell in love with the brown eyeliner (it stayed on all day without smudging) so I bought one for myself. The lovely Nora send me home with a small palette containing some eyeshadows, lipstick and lipgloss to remember the experience by. Thank you so much, Nora! 


Products used on me:

Powder | Nude Compact 030
Cheeks | Nude Tan Light 002
Blush | 856
Eyeliner | 788 Chestnut
Eyeshadow | 541 + 096
Mascara | 090 Black
Lip Liner | Universel 
Lips | Rouge Dior Baume Milly 640