Get Ready With Me: Kerstdiner

Eindelijk is het zover; de feestdagen zijn zo goed als aangebroken en de feestvreugde kan losbarsten. Ik neem jullie mee terwijl ik mezelf klaarmaak voor het traditionele kerstdiner in onze familie. Naast de gezelligheid van mijn familie, het lekkere eten en de kerstsfeer heb ik er elk jaar weer plezier in om wat extra aandacht en tijd te besteden aan m’n uiterlijk.


Ik begin met een lekkere warme douche en smeer na het douchen mijn gezicht in met een dag crème van de Bodyshop (moisturizen ladies!). Met mijn haar in een haartulband ga ik aan mijn bureau zitten om mijn make-up te doen. Alhoewel ik nooit veel make-up draag en ik van een natuurlijke uitstraling hou, vind ik het leuk om er met Kerst er wat meer tijd in te steken. Ik ga voor, voor zover ik dat kan, de natural-maar-toch-feestelijk-en-jong-look.


Ik gebruik:
Rimmel London Concealer
Dior Nude poeder
Dior bruine eyeliner (in mijn waterlijn)
Rimmel London – Scandaleyes mascara
Yves Rocher waterproof mascara (alleen onderste wimpers)
NYX blush – mauve
Dior lipstick en lipgloss


Tijd om mijn nagels in de feeststemming te brengen. Ik lak mijn nagels met een perfect rood kleurtje en gebruik daarvoor de rode nagellak van Etos die ik voor mijn verjaardag heb gekregen. Als base&top coat gebruik ik er één van Rimmel London. Om mijn nagels snel te laten drogen, extra hard te maken en te laten glimmen, druppel ik er wat Drip Dry Lacquer Drying Drops van OPI op. Die ‘drops’ zijn echt geweldig!


Met gelakte nagels en een opgemaakt gezicht steek ik mijn haar in een messy bun. Ondanks dat mijn haar niet echt messy wil zijn ben ik er tevreden mee. Met het kerstdiner wordt ik vaak snel warm en dan heb ik liever mijn haar opgestoken dan naar beneden. Ik trek mijn bordeaux rode en navy geruite jurkje aan, combineer dat met blauwe oorbellen en een blauwe panty van Hema en maak het af met mijn bruine schoenen van H&M. Done!


Tijd om te genieten van alles wat Kerst met zich mee brengt! Fijne kerstdagen allemaal!


One for One | TOMS Shoes

One for One, that’s what Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS wanted to realize when he founded TOMS in 2006. TOMS is a company known for selling shoes and matching every pair of shoes purchased with a pair of new shoes for a child in need. TOMS is now also selling glasses and doing other amazing work to improve children’s education, health and local economies all around the world.


So where does that leave me? I bought a pair of shoes this past weekend at a local shoe store. Let’s rephrase that. I finally bought my own pair of TOMS shoes. Not only do I love the TOMS shoe design, I think the One for One concept it brilliant. It’s a practical and fun way to help out in a world where basic items like shoes and glasses aren’t available for everyone.


Instead of donating to a good cause (which is also a great way to help out) you can buy yourself an awesome pair of TOMS and help out a child in need at the same time. It’s easy and it’s a win-win situation for everyone. Also, don’t you just love these shoes? I can’t believe how awesome they are!


You’ve probably figured it out by now, but I’m extremely excited about my new shoes. If you’re interested in the One for One concept or if you’d like to buy shoes yourself, check out the website right here!


Collective Spring Haul (and giveaway announcement)

Annnddd… the winner of the giveaway is: Corine v. H. Congratulations Corine on winning this giveaway, I’ll send you an e-mail asking for your address! I hope you enjoy the price! A huge thank you to everyone who liked, commented on, entered and tweeted about the giveaway! I had so much fun doing this.

Writing is my passion, that’s why I started this blog. I’ve loved writing every blogpost and I love reading your comments and seeing the likes. As a (mainly) online human being I’ve also grown to love (is addicted a better word here?) the online video world (Youtube). Youtube has grown so much over the past few years. It has grown into a big community, with channels that produce professional content. In some ways it has replaced Television. So where am I going with this? Well, I’ve made my very first YouTube video. And it’s a haul!

I’m not going to stop blogging, but if you’d like to see me write blogposts as well as film video’s, I’d love to try it out! Leave a comment below or on the video telling me what you think! Subscribe to my Youtube channel Catie McCartney to be the first to know when a new video is uploaded!
Hope you enjoy the haul!

Fall Inspiration 2013

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, nor am I in any way affiliated with these brands or products.

It’s storming outside, the wind is blowing leaves and loose things in our garden around and the rain is beating against the windows. There’s a little bit of blue in the sky, but we all know that the evening will come earlier this time of year. Fall is in full swing around these parts of the world. People are staying inside, only brave enough to face this weather when it’s utterly necessary. I’ve been staying inside a lot too lately, since I came down with a virus infection. It gave me a chance to surf the web, get into the fall spirit and find some online gems.

fall autumn 2013 inspiration asos etsy urban outfitters amazon

1. Lush – Cinder

I recently bought two Lush bath products, one of them being Cinder from the ‘winter collection’. Cinder is the epitome of fall and winter. It’s like Christmas in a bath bomb. Cinder will fill your bath with a burst of cinnamon, whilst making the bath bubble and sizzle for a while. If you like cinnamon you can’t go wrong with this bath bomb. Another bonus is that it leaves your skin smooth and smelling delicious.

You can get cinder on the the Lush website or in stores for €3,95.

2. Urban Outfitters – Mug

I usually check the Urban Outfitters website, since we don’t have a store nearby, at least once a week for inspiration. Although the price might throw you off at first, keep looking (especially in the sale) and you’ll be amazed at what you might find. One of those finds is this mug with its special cookie department. I love it when common products are innovated and get a new meaning. Why wouldn’t you like this mug, it has a cookie department which will warm up your cookie whilst your sipping on your homemade tea!

This mug is also available online here or in the Urban Outfitter stores for €17,00.

3. Urban Outfitters – Duvet Set 

With me, anything mint green will do. I love that color, I can’t get enough of it. But it’s not only the color that attracted me to this duvet set. I really like duvet sets to be clean, simple and stylish looking. Like a cover that screams to you: “I’m comfortable and you won’t regret sleeping under me!”

You can buy this duvet set here.

4. Veronica Roth – Allegiant

Yes! The third book in the Divergent series is out and available for us to enjoy. I loved reading the first two books so I can’t wait to read this one. Amazon discription: What if your whole world was a lie? What if a single revelation—like a single choice—changed everything? What if love and loyalty made you do things you never expected? The explosive conclusion to Veronica Roth’s #1 New York Times bestselling Divergent trilogy reveals the secrets of the dystopian world that has captivated millions of readers in Divergent and Insurgent.

You can, obviously, buy this book in any bookstore you like, but just in case here’s the link.

5. Etsy – Tea Cozy

Once upon a time I was strolling through the Etsy stores and suddenly my eyes fell on this interesting looking thing. I clicked the object and realized that all my dreams had come true. Someone had created a tea cozy, yes a blanket, a sweater if you like, for a mug. I couldn’t believe my eyes! Tea cozy’s are such a great accessory for fall and winter if you’re into these kinds of things! There are loads of different ones on Etsy, so choose the one your heart desires!

Just kidding, but I really like the concept. If you’re interested, here’s the link.

6. Asos – Tartan Scarfs

You can’t go wrong with scarfs, especially in fall and winter. Combine the fashion trend tartan with scarfs and tadaa you’ve got yourself a tartan scarf. There a all kinds of different variations circling the web, but I really like the look of this one on Asos.

Buy yourself a tartan scarf right here.

OOTD #5 – Rainy Day

Nothing beats the smell of the earth after it rains, well almost nothing. Anyway, whether you’re the person that likes to curl up on the couch with a soft blanket when rain has fallen or not, this outfit is perfect for those autumn rainy days. To me rain is a perfect excuse to put on my rain boots and go outside for a walk in the woods.


What I’m wearing and where it’s from:

Flannel shirt: Pull&Bear
Black tanktop: H&M
Jeans: Para Mi
Boots: Hunter
Jacket: Sissy Boy
Glasses: Ray Ban


It’s all about layering and warm colors to create this ‘rainy day outfit’ look. Flannel is a must have this fall and I got my shirt recently at Pull&Bear. I’m pairing this bright red flannel with black and brown which gives this a well balanced look. Layering isn’t only good for staying warm, it’s also a great way to spice up an outfit.


You can’t go outside after a rainstorm without some rain boots. Not only are they lots of fun to splash around in, they’re comfortable and cute. I got these black Hunter boots in the final sale last year and they’re awesome quality.


Hello autumn, hello rainy days, hello cozy clothes and long walks in the forrest. Hello. 


OOTD #4 – Back to School

It’s that time of the year again, yes, I’m talking about going back to school. Soon the weather will change, the leaves will fall down and it’ll be time to burn my new Bath and Bodyworks candles. But first, back to school! It’s september, which means that usually the weather has already changed quite a bit, but this year it’s still warm outside. I’ve created an outfit that is great for warmer weather, going back to school and a transition into fall (colors).



What I’m wearing and where it’s from:

Shoes: Brown Converse
Dress: H&M 
Earrings: SIX
Necklace: –
Bag: Pieces
Lipstick: MAC See Sheer
Glasses: Ray Ban


I’ve already told you that one of my favorite colors to wear is this hunter green color. Beside the fact that it’s one of my favorite colors I also think it’s a great color to transition into fall (or autumn). Since most people have a tan and are looking healthy and great from the summer sun this color will go especially great with tanned skin. However I’m sure it’ll look great with any skin color!


I’ve added brown converse, wooden earrings, brown bag and a stone necklace to create a warm, friendly and natural look. Earth tones like brown and green are a great way to dress for fall and late summer.


I could’ve put on some brown wedges or a pair of flip flops, but since this outfit is meant for back to school I went the comfortable road and slipped into some converse. I really love how this outfit looks and I think it’ll be a great outfit to wear at school. If this outfit doesn’t suit the weather you could add some black tights or a jacket with it to make it more fall appropriate!


OOTD #3 – Harbor Edition

On my trip to Denmark we visited lots of harbors. The harbors were filled with sailboats, fishermen, Danish people and an overall great vibe. The only downside to the harbors was the strong(er) wind, which made the temperature go down a little. This is my ‘summer at the harbor’ inspired outfit. Since summer is almost over and schools are starting, I think this outfit would also be a great ‘first day of school’ outfit!


What I’m wearing and where it’s from:

Jeans: Para Mi

White tank top: H&M

Striped shirt: H&M 

Shoes: Brown low top Converse

Bodywarmer: Sissy Boy 

Earrings: SIX


I paired my favorite skinny jeans with a green and white striped shirt. I rolled up to sleeves to give it a nonchalant look. I also added some brown details with my jacket/vest (which also kept me warm), brown converse and wooden earrings.


OOTD #2 – Cropped Tops

You might not be able to exactly duplicate this look, but you can use it as inspiration (to create something similar).

Cropped tops, or crop tops for short, are a strong contender for my favorite trend this summer. They’re cute, great for hot weather and they’re a perfect excuse to wear some high waisted shorts. That might sound like there’s no story here, but there is. I pride myself in wearing clothes that are modest, appropriate for the occasion and yet stylish. Crop tops aren’t the most modest clothing item ever, thus they’re harder to style.



What I’m wearing and where it’s from: 

Green shorts: H&M (couple years back)

Black tank top: H&M 

Cropped elephant blouse: New Look

Basic black flip flops: Hema 

Earrings: SIX


To me the trick is to wear something under the cropped blouse or t-shirt when you’re going out, or when you’re uncomfortable showing a lot of skin. Bandeau’s are a great start, but in this case a black tank top did the trick. The moral of the story is: ‘don’t think that because they’re crop tops you have to wear them on their own’. Layers are the way to go in this case!


OOTD #1 – Summer in Denmark

You might not be able to exactly duplicate this look, but you can use it as inspiration (to create something similar).

Welcome to my very first ‘outfit of the day’. The photos are taken during my vacation in Denmark (which was uh-mah-zing!). The temperature would get up to high in the twenties, which is really high for scandinavia and a perfect holiday temperature. I love to dress for warm weather because the outfits are usually lighter, colorful and comfortable. This outfit is casual yet practical for warm(er) weather.


What I’m wearing and where it’s from:

Studded blouse: H&M 

Basic black tank top: H&M

White shorts: GinaTricot (Denmark), bought in the sale

White flip-flops: Scholl, bought a year ago

Earrings: bought at a local Danish market 

Nailpolish on my toes: OPI – Thanks a Windmillion

Lipstick: MAC – Crosswires 

Bag: TheNewYorker (it is a Longchamp look-a-like)


Wearing white shorts can be risky when you’re quite pale, but since my legs started to look a little tanned I took the risk. And I actually think that makes my legs look even more tanned. Wearing all light colors might give a washed out impression, therefore I’m pairing basic shorts and flip-flops with an edgy, darker colored top to balance out the outfit.


The top is in one of my favorite colors; hunter green. I’m usually not a big fan of studs but I absolutely love them on this blouse because it adds some lovely detailing. Hunter green is a great color, it’s suitable for a lot of skin types and different seasons.


This Longchamp look-a-like bag has been a great addition to my wardrobe. The colors are so neutral that it goes with almost every outfit.