Utrecht | Blackbird Coffee & Vintage

Oudegracht 222, Utrecht, The Netherlands. That’s where Blackbird Coffee & Vintage is located. In a small, yet gorgeous, house along the Utrecht canals you can find this coffee shop where a combination of vintage and coffee are sold.


The interior is unique and diverse. With beautiful bikes hung on the walls, art displayed throughout the shop and all kinds of vintage seats, chairs and couches to drink your beverage on. A lot of the interior is for sale as well.


Both staff and customers are relaxed and friendly (as are most people in Utrecht!). Groups of friends come here to catch up, dates take place, friendships are made and all of it happens in a relaxed atmosphere and on 1960’s/1970’s chairs and couches.

Most products are organic and/or fairtrade. Look at these wonderfully packaged chocolate bars. I could’ve taken all of them, they looked so delicious! Especially the ‘sea salt & nibs’ one in the front!


Instead of buying all the chocolate, I sat down with two of my best friends Joyce and Rozanne on a green couch in the back of the shop and enjoyed spending time with them.


Our drinks where made up of two coffees and my slow juice (so good!). On the menu are things like coffee, tea, juices, cakes, breakfast items, sandwiches and more. There’s something for every taste and moment of the day day.


Blackbird Coffee & Vintage is definitely a recommendation. The location is perfect, the people are friendly, the menu is great and the place looks awesome! Tell them I said hi when you visit!



Rotterdam | Swan Market

The Swan Market (Rotterdam, The Netherlands) was born in the winter days of the year 2010. Since then it has grown into a large lifestyle market that attracts an estimate of 6.000 to 8.000 visitors each time. On April 21st the festival-like-market was held at Museumpark, Rotterdam and I was there to experience it all. It was no surprise to me to stumble upon quite the queue at the entrance, but within 10 minutes and after paying one euro p.p. I made it into the market grounds.


My eyes immediately fell upon different stalls selling bread, clothes, plants, jewelry, art and other goods. You’d like the Swan Market if you like a casual atmosphere, if you like all natural products, if you’re young, if you’re older, if you like decorating, crafts, delicious food or great music. You shouldn’t go the the Swan Market if you hate vintage, don’t like crowds, don’t have to time to walk around or if you’re not in lifestyle products.


I’m not the ‘let’s walk around a lifestyle market on my own’ kind of girl, so I took my parents with me. Not only because I love their company, but also because I thought they’d like it. And I think I was correct. My dad loved the food stalls and bought two loaves of (amazing smelling) bread. My mom was more attracted to the jewelry and plants and found earrings (that I’ll give to her as a mother’s day present) and seeds for the garden. 


I felt like I could’ve spent all day rummaging through the products. I loved talking to the people selling the products, hearing their stories, seeing the passion and love in their eyes. I asked some if I could photograph their stalls, just because they looked amazing and I wanted to share them with you. Here are the ladies of a stall filled with neon and bright colored products. You can’t miss their items if you walk by and I loved it. From lampshades to vase covers, they have it all.


Food Trattoria were selling all the bread and bakery items you could ever want. And they were well represented with a lovely assortment of breads. If only I could describe how it smelled!


I personally love the insustrial and kind-of-worn look for homeware items. Rebelli was selling just that. Beautiful industrial items with amazing colors. I could buy those lamps any day!

swanmarket-03 swanmarket-04

I had a lovely chat with the people of Pluk de Dag Brocante. Not only was their stand filled with unique and beautiful looking products, it gave me lots of inspiration for my home and it definitely made me smile.


I could not  walk away from Twenty Somethin’ without buying at least something (so I did). This colorful stand filled with craft items, stationary and awesome cards was a love at first sight. I have such a weak spot for notebooks, masking tape and cards!

swanmarket-06 swanmarket-07

Over at imakin I spotted this cushion from afar. Don’t you just love that print? The products of imakin were all DIY based and I loved the concept of DIY packages!


Hope you liked walking around the Swan Market with me and maybe I’ll see you there in the future!