Catie’s Kitchen: Holiday Meals Pt. 1

One of the most exciting things about going on vacation is trying out local food. In my case preparing scandinavian meals in Sweden. I took a picture of every dinner I ate whilst on vacation for two weeks. Whether you need some inspiration, you’re interested in Swedish food or you’re just nosy and curious about my eating habits.. this blogpost is just for you!

Fresh mackerel with peper and garlic, fried onion rings, rösti and a cucumber, tomato and olive salad on the side.


All I can say is.. mozarella sticks! We paired the mozarella sticks with some delicious potato gratin. To add some vitamins there is a salad containing cucumber, cherry tomatoes, green bell pepper, olives and some soft boiled egg.

Sometimes all you need is an easy meal. We ate some tomato ravioli with shrimp and paprika tomato pasta sauce.


This is de Dagens Lunch that I mentioned in my last blogpost. A typical Swedish meal with salmon, shrimp, potatoes, salad, fresh bread with butter, watermelon and a dille sauce.

I love corn! This easy meal is made up of corn, fresh mackarel, some white beans (didn’t really like those) and some rösti.

And finally some small baked potatos, a salad made with cucumber, yellow bell pepper, cherry tomato and dressing. A wonderful spicy sausage on the side. The red sauce that is in some pictures is a chili sauce we found in the supermarket.

That’s it! I’m not saying these are the most balanced, healthy meals, but I enjoyed each and every one of them! Part two of this series is coming your way soon!


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