Tony’s Chocolonely Limited Edition

Chocolate is the answer. Who cares what the question is.

This blogpost is for all you chocolate lovers out there! One of my all time favorite chocolate brands is Tony’s Chocolonely. If you’ve read my blogpost about my Toms shoe purchase, then you already know that I have a weak spot for products with a story. For brands that try to make this world a better place. Tony’s Chocolonely isn’t just the most brilliant chocolate ever, it’s also slave-free chocolate. If you’re interested in their mission; click here to go to their website.


When I read that Tonys Chocolonely made limited edition chocolate bars, I immediately went on their website and ordered them. How exciting are these flavors? Milk chocolate with licorice, milk chocolate with banana and walnut and dark chocolate with rosemary and orange. And, typical me, I couldn’t resist buying one of their non-limited-edition ones; coffee crunch.


What you have to know about Tony’s Chocolonely is that it’s addicting (isn’t all chocolate, though?). The whole experience of having a beautifully packaged chocolate bar in your hands, opening it to find a not-so-regular-bar inside (look at that design!) and finally topping it off with the delicious flavors. I’m not at all sponsored to say this, but oh boy is this delicious. How could I not share this with you?


I contemplated eating all four bars in one sitting… Just kidding! I made it a familly affair and gave both my parents pieces of all of the chocolate bars. We all have very different opinions, which makes it interesting to see what we liked best. Here are the results!


1. Licorice
2. Coffee crunch
3. Rosemary and orange
4. Walnut and banana

1. Licorice
2. Coffee crunch
3. Walnut and banana
4. Rosemary and orange

1. Coffee crunch
2. Walnut and banana
3. Licorice, Rosemary and orange

Those are the final results! Another one of my most favorite chocolate flavors ever is the salted caramel in milk chocolate. Mmmmm! Would you ever try Tony’s Chocolonely? What do you think about their statement and mission?


2 gedachtes over “Tony’s Chocolonely Limited Edition

  1. joycekoornneef zegt:

    I have to try these flavors as well, Catie! And chocolate is the answer indeed! I like the fact that Tony Chocolonely is the opposite of other chocolate brands. The package alone, pure chocolate has a blue package and milk chocolate a red package.


    • CatieMcCartney zegt:

      You should! If you need any help eating the chocolate, count me in 😉 That’s what I like as well. Even the chocolate itself isn’t made up of squares, but the piece are all different sizes, because (as they say) the chocolate industry isn’t fairly distributed either!


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